Advanced Case Planning & Techniques

The final course in the training continuum, the Advanced Case Planning & Techniques course delivers comprehensive planning, surgical and restorative training on complex implant cases, with their specific protocols and best-practices. Participants of this program will learn how to effectively deliver advanced treatments to their patients and strengthen their surgical and professional repertoire.

All continuum courses are held in La Crosse, WI.

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Course objectives:

  • Understanding of restorative options for multiple implants, full-arch cases, implant-supported bridges, full-arch fixed options (all-on-x, full-arch zirconia), and removable options (including bars, clips, and “locators”)
  • Understanding of protocols and techniques for the use of CBCT data and imagery for treatment planning of advanced and multi-unit cases
  • Comprehensive understanding of treatment planning for advanced and multi-unit cases
  • Grasp of the step-by-step procedures for the restoration of both fixed and removable cases, including bite transfers, attachments, etc. This also includes best-practices for laboratory communication and coordination for cases
  • Comprehension of full-arch surgical protocols and considerations
  • Competence in advanced grafting procedures (ridge augmentation, sinus augmentation, lateral windows, etc.)
  • Understanding the fundamentals of the use of lasers in dentistry, with specific emphasis on implant planning, treatment, healing  and restoration
  • Management of implant patients, cases complications, case failures, and associated variables and complexities 
  • Economics of implant dentistry, business concerns, and service provider best-practices

Course dates:

  • April 9-10, 2021
  • September 17-18, 2021

Course Capacity: 20 participants

Tuition: $1,500

Materials needed: All necessary materials/tools are provided to participants

CE Credits: 14

AGD codes: 690 (12 hours of lecture, 2 hours of hands-on)

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Session One: Critical Core Concepts of Implant Dentistry

Start from the beginning, working through the most important fundamentals of successful implant dentistry.

Course Dates:

  • July 16-17, 2021
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Session Two: Treatment Planning & Surgical/Restorative Protocols

Engage in stimulating coursework that takes you through the ins and outs of treatment planning and comprehensively explores restorative protocols.

Course Dates:

  • August 13-14, 2021
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Session Three: Advanced Case Planning & Techniques

This advanced course will take you through planning some of the most challenging cases you might face, while reviewing the techniques that will help you do so.

Course Dates:

  • April 9-10, 2021
  • September 17-18, 2021
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