Do I need to bring anything to the program with me?

Participants are not required to bring any materials or supplies to the program--all materials are provided.

How are the continuum courses delivered?

Each course has a maximum of 20 participants. The courses are delivered to participants at our state-of-the-art training facility in La Crosse, WI, where live surgeries, lecture and hands-on training are the bedrock of comprehensive instruction in implant dentistry.

Do I need to have prior experience with placing implants or implant dentistry to participate in the continuum courses?

No prior experience is required to participate in the continuum. However, if you have taken some time to familiarize yourself with implant dentistry or have taken a course in the past, you will recognize some of the principles and protocols gone over.

Is equipment care and maintenance taught in the program?

Yes! Throughout the continuum you will be instructed on how to fully care for and maintain your implant related equipment and tools.

What if I have a problem during implant surgery in my own practice?

Give us a call, we are dedicated to being a continued resource for all of our participants. We will help you get over any barriers and obstacles you may face in implant dentistry.

Will I be able to place implants when I go back to my office?

The purpose of the implant training continuum is to fully get you up to speed on the overall theory and absolute best-practices of implant dentistry. This includes extraction, placement, treatment planning, suturing, etc. With this knowledge you will be confident in the “how-to,” and if your surgical skills are up to the task, most participants will have no problem placing implants. However, many participants will round off the continuum program with our live implant training program in the Dominican republic.

How many implants will I place in the live implant training program?

Most doctors will place anywhere between 12-20 implants on live patients. This number can vary depending on your comfort and experience level with surgery and what your individual educational goals may be. For example, a participant who wants more experience with bone grafting may place less implants than another who is more interested in mastering implant placement.

Will I place implants in the continuum course?

Continuum course participants will be placing implants into models throughout the program to ensure comprehension. Additionally, participants will observe live implant surgeries throughout each course in the continuum.

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