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Live Implant Training Program

The Live Implant Training program teaches course participants the exacting craft of placing dental implants confidently, competently and precisely in a controlled clinical environment.

Hosted in the breath-taking and idyllic island getaway of the Dominican Republic, participants are instructed on how to implement their newly learned skills into their offices with high remuneration.

The program consists of five days of comprehensive surgical instruction that is individually customized to each clinician's specific educational objectives. Throughout the program, doctors will place implants, suture, perform extractions, sinus lifts, bone grafts and more. Each program is “small-format,,” wherein, clinicians can closely interact with instructors and make the most of their personalized, step-by-step guidance.

Available Dates

May 14-21, 2022 (SOLD OUT)

October 29-Nov 5, 2022 (Space is limited)

February 11-18, 2023

How many implants will I place?

Our educational emphasis is on total comprehension of, and the ability to use the information learned. As such, doctors will place, on average, 17-20 implants throughout the program. At course completion, participants will receive 38 CE credits under AGD subject code 690 (Lecture: 6 hours, participation: 32 hours).

If you are looking to enhance your practice and provide your patients with a reason for choosing you above the rest, then our tailor-made, hands-on dental implant course will help you achieve that goal.

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How it Works: Patient Selection & Skill Level

The Live Implant Training program provides participants with a wide range of pre-screened patients that have been carefully selected to fulfill each clinician’s specific educational objectives. Participants will work on patients who require procedures that correspond with their individual skill level, providing a 100% custom-tailored educational experience. Prior to the course, an IST staff consultant will discuss the following with participants:

  • Overarching desired educational objectives.
  • Individual skill level
    • Beginning (placed 25 implants or less)
    • Intermediate (placed 26-100 implants)
    • Advanced (placed 100 implants or more)

Upon arrival, doctors will be assigned patients based on these two criteria; ensuring they are hitting the mark for their desired educational goals.

In some cases, patients might require a combination of complex and advanced dentistry procedures, at which point the procedure will be carried out by the necessary number of participants with an attending instructor.

Subjects covered for each skill level designation broadly includes:

Beginning Clinicians

  • Simple implant placement
  • Multiple implant placements with adequate bone available
  • Extractions with and without socket grafting
  • Incision design and suturing techniques
  • Soft and hard tissue management

Intermediate Clinicians

  • Multiple implant placement cases
  • Extractions and immediate placement
  • Extractions, grafting and closure with or without barriers
  • Intra-crestal sinus lifts
  • Full arch implant placement
  • Ridge augmentation with or without implant placement

Advanced Clinicians

  • Full arch extractions, grafting and implant placement
  • All-on-4, 5 or 6+
  • Lateral sinus grafting
  • Full arch edentulous cases
  • Lateral windows
  • Atrophic maxillary and mandibular cases
  • Ridged augmentation, ridge splitting, etc.
  • Other advanced grafting procedures

All of this considered, great care is taken to ensure each doctor gets the opportunity to work on cases that provide progress in their educational endeavors and significant efforts are made to provide clinicians with specific cases they’d like to work on.

Our History

Originally founded in 2012, Implant Success Today (formerly known as the Dominican Training Institute) specialized in offering the comprehensive five-day implant training course that is now known as the Live Patient Implant Training program.

A key to the success of Implant Success Today is the familiarity that the clinicians acquire with Dr. Malin’s cutting-edge implant system, Implant-One. Due to the integrity and no-nonsense quality of the implant system, many of the participants of the course emerged as loyal life-long allies of IST and Implant-One. 

Moreover, catering to enthusiastic participants from a wide range of cities and nations, the “it factor” of the IST program was its custom-programmed nature, specifically addressing the educational goals and objectives of its individual participants.

The multidisciplinary nature of the course further ensured clinicians gained a professional hold over implant placement surgeries and related procedures. We are happy to report that this timeless program remains untouched in its curricula, and is provided in the same distinguished fashion today in the Live Patient Implant Training program

Program Tuition

The tuition for the Live Implant Training program is $13,500. This does not cover flight expenses to and from the Dominican Republic, but includes:

  • Round trip transportation to and from the Santo Domingo airport (SDQ)
  • All-inclusive accommodations at the Emotions by Hodelpa resort in Juan Dolio
  • All surgical supplies
  • Breakfast, lunch and reserved dinners
  • Free Implant-One surgical kit
  • Free Implant-One drill kit
  • Accommodations for a spouse/partner/etc., can be secured for an additional resort fee

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