Implantologist Dr. Leo Malin founded the Dominican Training Institute to provide comprehensive, hands-on, live implant dentistry training. The training curriculum was developed to provide doctors with the confidence, skills, and experience needed to implement implant therapy into a dental practice successfully. The Dominican Training Institute offers a highly practical training environment, developed to provide thorough experience and confidence with hands-on, with professional guidance throughout.

Live implant dentistry training: Dominican Training Institute

The Dominican Training Institute delivers five-day dental implant courses for general dentists and specialists. Our groundbreaking courses were developed to help doctors achieve confidence in placing implants and many other related procedures. Participants in our program will be instructed by highly experienced and reputed implantologists, oral surgeons, and periodontists. Each of them provides the course data in an easy-to-understand, practical, highly effective manner.

Technical advances in implant dentistry

Our professional team of clinicians at the Dominican Training Institute provides cutting-edge, hands-on surgical training in implant dentistry. The goal is to assist doctors in remaining abreast of the latest technological advancements. Our team has helped hundreds of general dentists and oral surgeons to gain the skills to perform safe, successful, predictable implant surgeries and to stay at the leading edge in the latest advances in the field of implantology.

About the Dominican Training Institute

Every aspect of the process at the Dominican Training Institute has been custom developed to provide clinicians with expert guidance and hands-on experience in implantology and the associated procedures. Our administrative headquarters are in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Our location in the Dominican Republic brings an international dynamic to our training program, and we train doctors from across the globe. over the world. Doctors have participated in our training program from South America to Syria, the UK, Canada, and many other countries. We are incredibly pleased that the Dominican Training Institute has garnered an international reputation for excellence in training.

Training for implementation at your practice

Upon completing our training course, you will have a very thorough understanding of implant systems, placement protocols, and the confidence to offer your patients professionally placed dental implants. Our course was developed to provide knowledge and experience to general dentists, oral surgeons, periodontists, and other health providers who are qualified and certified to perform oral surgical procedures.

Your trip to the Dominican Training Institute 

The Dominican Republic is a destination island, known for its beautiful beaches, resorts, golf courses – and being the location of the Dominican Training Institute! The breathtaking environment of this lovely island allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean while you take our course. You will be staying at an all-inclusive resort in beautiful San Pedro. Plan your trip around a vacation on the island, as once you arrive, you will want to explore and enjoy. 

Your course schedule

  • Day 1: You will arrive and check into the all-inclusive resort in San Pedro.
  • Day 2: You will be introduced to the Institute itself, our mentors and educators, and the other attendees. You will then attend a “welcome” seminar, which covers the standard protocols and equipment you will be using throughout the training program, followed by lectures for clinicians at all levels of experience.
  • Days 3 to 6: You will be performing live implant surgeries. Our pre-screened patients have been selected to match your personal educational goals.
  • Day 7: Time to relax and enjoy the island. You can participate in excursions, groups activities, or just take the day to relax in the sun. Our training team, both instructors and staff, are available to you to discuss any questions or concerns.
  • Day 8: You can return home or settle in for a longer stay if you have made the Dominican Republic your vacation destination.

Customized training program 

At the Dominican Training Institute, we recognize that every participant in our program is unique and arrives with a specific skillset and level of experience. Your training program will be tailored to match your individual needs. Our team of professional implantologists, periodontists, and oral surgeons focus on providing the right level of training and hands-on experience you need.

We go above and beyond in strengthening the theoretical foundations in implant placement and then preparing our doctors to take on more challenging cases competently and confidently. Our approach is to provide shoulder-to-shoulder guidance throughout the hands-on training, until you gain the confidence to implement dental implant treatments with excellent results at your practice.

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